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Our enterprise

International Strategy Consulting Firm


Our goal is to enable business leaders to implement their vision in a creative, efficient and innovative way.


Strategy Consulting


International Business Development

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For each pillar of the Company,

We have a dedicated application to optimize all of our Customers' processes. These applications are :

MG Strat 4.0

(Strategic and operational decision support tool) :

MG Global Business

(International business development and interconnection platform between companies)

MG Academy

(Adapted training platform in E-Learning : MOOC & SPOC)

Our methodology

Phase I :

Understanding & Analysis

• Needs study & Existing analysis
• Strategic diagnosis
• Identification of skills within the Company & Proposal of an Action Plan
• Our detailed recommendations for the Company (Short, Medium & Long Term)
Phase II :

Implementation & Solutions

• Development of Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Implementation of a pilot phase.
Performing tests, corrections and validation
• Effective implementation and deployment of the Strategy
• Human resources training, support & End of our Mission

The company’s headquarters are located in Rouen.

Our Strategy

Our ambition is to support decision-makers, managers and entrepreneurs. Our professionalism, the quality of our services and proximity to our customers are important elements.

The business strategy effectively ensures its sustainability. This goal is achieved by making a number of decisions that commit the company to the long term and give it a competitive advantage.

Three pillars

It has a duty to create measurable value through its ability to be profitable.
To do this, we offer decision-making tools that are simple to use, accessible and adapted to your needs.

The strategy

Human resources

Efficient execution of operations

We support our customers from the analysis phase to the concrete implementation of the recommendations that we consider necessary.

Our Positioning

Our goal is to facilitate strategic decision making.

Our services

Adapted and unique for each Company, combined with local support essential to the success of any project.

Stand out

Companies wishing to stand out from their competitors, whatever their requirements, will benefit from the diversity of our services.

Our presence

Our international vision opens up the possibility for companies to position themselves on unexploited offers.

Our expertise

Acquired during our successful experiences, whether in Consulting, Finance or Project Management and Information Systems, it guarantees a winning contribution.

For the success of our projects, we rely on the full involvement of all stakeholders.

Our values

The quality of our services

The collaborative involvement of all stakeholders at each stage of the process

Customer satisfaction

Ethics and respect for our commitments

Confidentiality of your data

The creativity of our services and our suggestions

Innovation in the approach to our interventions

The proximity and loyalty of our customers