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Project management


A project revolves around a periodic mission in order to provide a product or service that meets the needs expressed upstream.


The Project Director (PD)

Project Management evokes both Management and Project Management. The Project Director (PD) is in charge of steering a project. He is able to pilot one or more projects simultaneously.

The Project Director supports the company's projects for a fixed period. This period includes the design, study and implementation of projects. From the negotiation phase prior to the signing of the contract until the completion of the project, the PD is in charge of the choice of resources, the implementation of procedures relating to cost, quality and deadlines, as well as management of development teams.



A project can also be Agile, Predictive or Hybrid and the criteria for choosing the right approach are as follows:

• Possibility to split the project into lots and / or phases
• Stability & control of the expressed need and the scope of the project
• Stability of means, technologies and processes to carry out the project
• Sizing of the project
• Possibility & ease of going back to the different stages of the project (Reversibility)
• Regulatory and normative constraints


The life cycle of a project in 5 main stages

The PD is required to support all stakeholders, which gives it various missions and allows it to discover various technologies and different sectors.
• Iniating
• Planning
• Executing
• Monitoring & Controlling
• Closing